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Ummeed Housing Finance Private Limited (Ummeed) is a housing finance company registered with National Housing Bank (NHB) under National Housing Bank Act, 1987.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) is an initiative by Government of India with the objective to provide Housing for All in urban areas by 2022.The scheme aims to fulfil the dream of every first time home buyer in India, by offering him/her an affordable home loan to buy a 'pucca' residential house.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) :

PMAY was introduced by Government of India in June 2015, with the aim of providing "Housing for All" by 2022.In this regard the Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation (MoHUPA) introduced an interest subsidy scheme called Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) in June 2015.CLSS is a scheme to provide interest subsidy on purchase/construction/extension/improvement of house to customers belonging to Economical Weaker Section (EWS)/Lower Income Group (LIG)/Middle Income Group (MIG).

Eligibility criteria :
  • First time home buyers belonging to the Economically Weaker Section (EWS), Low Income Group (LIG), Middle Income Group-I (MIG-I) and Middle Income Group-II (MIG-II) are eligible for this scheme.
  • The beneficiary family should not own a pucca house either in his/her name or in the name of any member of his/her family in any part of India;
  • All family members should have an Aadhar card.
  • The family of the beneficiary should not have availed any benefit under any scheme in PMAY
  • Property purchased/constructed under the scheme, should be in the name of the female head of the household or in the joint name of the male head of the household and his wife, and only in cases when there is no adult female member in the family, the house can be in the individual name of a male (this condition does not apply under MIG scheme)
  • Household Income eligibility norms: (Note – Self declaration confirming the household income needs to be submitted)
    • EWS: Maximum annual household income ₹ 3 lakhs;
    • LIG: Annual household income ₹ 3,00,001 lakhs to ₹ 6 lakhs
    • MIG(I): Annual household income ₹ 6,00,001 lakhs to ₹ 12 lakhs
    • MIG(II): Annual household income ₹ 12,00,001 lakhs to ₹ 18 lakhs
  • Property eligibility norms:
    • The property needs to have basic facilities and infrastructure like toilet, water, sewerage, road, electricity, etc;
    • The built up area should not exceed 30 sq.m (EWS), 60 sq.m (LIG), 160 sq.m (MIG-1) & 200 Sq.m. (MIG-2).

Note: Under EWS/LIG scheme, the beneficiary, at his/her discretion, can build a house of larger area but interest subvention would be limited to first 6 lakhs only.

a. The property on which subsidy is applied, should be within the urban limits as defined under the scheme( Statutory towns as per Census 2011 and towns' notified subsequently, including planning area as notified with respect to statutory town).

Process of availing the Subsidy:

  • Once the customer has taken a Home loan and meets the above conditions, he/she can apply for the scheme.
  • Customer need to submit a filled-up signed "PMAY Form" (available at all our branches) at the time of availing the loan.
  • The customer will be provided with PMAY Form acknowledgement Slip containing "Unique Reference Number".
  • Customer also need to submit a declaration confirming that no family member of yours, own any residential property in India (pucca house)
  • Customer's application for the subsidy will be processed once the loan amount is disbursed and we have received the original property papers.
  • Post disbursement of customers loan amount, basic details of the loan application will be updated on the CLSS Awas Portal – CLAP(Government of India site), which in turn will generate customer's Application ID.
  • The application ID will also be sent to customer's mobile no.(registered number with Ummeed Housing Finance).
  • The subsidy application (Claim) will be reviewed by Ummeed and will then be uploaded to NHB for further processing.
  • Once the claim is approved by NHB, the subsidy amount is credited to Ummeed Housing Finance.
  • Ummeed Housing Finance will credit the subsidy amount in the customer's loan account, thereby reducing the principal outstanding and his/her monthly EMI.

Applicable Subsidy Amount: The subsidy amount is calculated differently for each income segment of customers (EWS/LIG/MIG).The amount also depend on the loan amount and the loan tenure. The subsidy amount under each of the segment are as:

  • EWS & LIG – Up to Rs.2.67 lakhs (Maximum subsidy will be applicable, if the loan amount is equal to or greater than Rs. 6 lakhs and the loan tenure is equal to or greater than 20 years)
  • MIG-1 - Up to Rs.2.35 lakhs (Maximum subsidy will be applicable, if the loan amount is equal to or greater than Rs. 9 lakhs and the loan tenure is equal to or greater than 20 years)
  • MIG-2 - Up to Rs.2.67 lakhs (Maximum subsidy will be applicable, if the loan amount is equal to or greater than Rs. 12 lakhs and the loan tenure is equal to or greater than 20 years)

Customer can check their subsidy claim application status by either:

  • Log on to CLSS Awas Portal – CLAP ( and check the status of application using the Application ID.
  • Click Here and check the status of application under PMAY tab, using the Unique Reference Number.

Note/Disclaimer :

  • This is a government run subsidy scheme, wherein Ummeed Housing Finance is a facilitator.
  • The subsidy is subject to approval & clearance from National Housing bank (NHB).
  • The information provided is as per the current subsidy guidelines & is subject to change over time. Please refer to the official government subsidy guidelines & circulars for the latest updates.