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Ummeed Housing Finance Private Limited (Ummeed) is a housing finance company registered with National Housing Bank (NHB) under National Housing Bank Act, 1987.

First Time Home Buyers Guide

Imagine this - You are celebrating your 30th birthday. A big milestone in your life. A white strand of hair glistens from the side of your head. You invite your friends to your rented home, decked up like a newly-wed. Your loving wife has put on some nice music and you have arranged the aloo tikkis and mutton cutlets neatly on the wooden table. As the night progresses and the people start grooving on the tunes, you hear the doorbell ring. Your landlord has arrived; and he’s definitely not here to wish you on your birthday. He notices you have a huge bunch of people in the house, having fun and making a ‘mess’ of what his once pristine house was. Next day, you are asked to leave with a month’s notice slapped on your door. Not a really bright picture to look at, ain’t it?

Well, this is the stark reality of what most tenants face in India. Multiple restrictions curb your freedom, despite paying a huge rent. Alternatively, you can take the plunge and buy a house of your own, with the freedom to live in your own home, where the boundaries are set by you and the pride and love stays forever entombed in brick and mortar.

In fact, buying a home before you turn 30 has its own advantages. Here are a few: