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Dear Customers,

We value your relationship with Ummeed Housing Finance Private Limited

It has been our endeavor to provide you the best services. In order to make our product & services available to the clients on a regular basis; we need to keep the same aligned to the market trends. As you are aware that your existing loan with Ummeed Housing Finance is on "Floating Rate of Interest" and this rate of interest is intrinsically influenced by the economic situation and other factors effecting the lending business and are also based on the type of loan, loan size, type of security provided, security cover, tenure of loan and risk profiling etc.

Therefore in view of the aforesaid, we wish to inform you that with effect from 5th Aug'19 ("Said Date"), we have revised the URR (Ummeed Reference Rate) by 0.5%. This change will effect in the upward revision of your existing rate of interest by 0.5% .

Therefore, with effect from the "Said Date" mentioned above, interest is payable by you as per the aforesaid revised Rate of Interest on the outstanding loan amount availed by you from Ummeed Housing Finance Private Limited under the loan agreement and other documents executed by you with/in favour of Ummeed Housing Finance Private Limited. Please note that effect of the revision as aforesaid will be on the tenure of the loan while we have kept the EMI amount same.

All other terms & conditions of the loan documents shall remain the same. This is without prejudice to the provisions of the loan agreement

Assuring you the best of our services.

For Ummeed Housing Finance Private Limited

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Vision & Mission

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To be a preferred financial partner in providing the low and middle income households of India with affordable housing loans in an innovative and personalized manner, thereby making a positive impact on the standard of living of our customers.

Focus on the Informal Income/affordable housing space and tap this large & growing market to build a scalable business model.


To deliver customer friendly and hassle free housing loans and help facilitate the dreams of millions of Indians to own a home.

Build adequate size & scale using technology & robust processes to achieve our goals.

Build value for various stakeholders like our Customers/Employees/Investors, in the process of building the company.

Focus on training around credit philosophy, Income assessment techniques and processes, which is going to be our key to SUCCESS.

Our Differentiators

Ummeed is structured as a FINTECH company and with technology we aim to offer superior experience to the borrowers.

Operational efficiencies and reduce turnaround time for customers.

Reach out to a wider range of customers using digital communication and through development of unconventional distribution models.

Use of credit scoring to enhance the speed and accuracy of credit approvals.