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Customer Stories

This is Ummeed Housing Finance Pvt. Ltd.’s Media Centre, here you can have a glimpse of our corporate and brand announcements. You can also access our press releases, media reports, interviews and articles across print, online and electronic channels.

Customer Stories

Mr. Guru Prasad

Product:- Home Loan | Loan Amount : Rs. 18,00,000/- | End Use:- Home Purchase

Guru, a manufacturer of door and window frames, shifted to Delhi 3 years ago with his family (wife & 2 kids) to start his small business. After his business stabilized, he started looking out to buy a home to settle in. Ummeed sanctioned him a Home Loan, as a result of which he was able to purchase a home for his family.

Customer Experience

"I was pleasantly surprised to see the speed and efficiency with which the Ummeed team sanctioned and disbursed my loan. They have made my dream of owning a house come true."