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Ashutosh Sharma

Mr. Ashutosh Sharma

Founder & Managing Director

Ummeed’ s vision and mission are best summarised by the acronym “ C-SUIT” which stands for

  • Customer First – we are focussed around providing best of class turnaround time and service level to our existing and prospective customers.
  • Speed of Execution – we are committed to operating with a lack of bureaucracy and speed, in our response to internal and external partners.
  • Underwriting Discipline – Strong, cash flow based underwriting is key to success in any lending business . Ummeed’ s unique, Industry based income assessment methodology is our USP .
  • Integrity – A high level of integrity, all dealings with customers, vendors and partners is a hall mark of our operations.
  • Technology – we are committed to the use of technology to help us build a scalable business model.